About us


Electrical and automation equipment for hazardous areas and industrial applications.

Electrical and automation equipment, trace and vesels electrical heating systems, heating cables. Fire, gas, humidity sealing materials for cables and pipes. Outdoor cabinets for low temperatures and harsh enviromets. Process control & industrial automation. Only certified and safe equipment for industrial environments.


Services for explosive environments.

ATEX trainings, hazardous areas classification, technical inspection, risk assessment, SIL assessment, SIL verification and more. More about our services here: PRESS


The most popular products and materials are on BALTIC stock (LITHUANIA).

The most popular equipment delivery usually takes one / two days. Less frequently used equipment usually is on factory warehouse. Large or custom projects carried out within the agreed time.


The biger order - the lower price.

Special pricing for contractors and installation companies. Payment only by bank transfer (cash is not accepted).


24 month warranty - standard. For specific products or solutions - even longer warranty.

Extended warranty usually applied without additional charges if design, instalation and maintenance is kept in accordance with the recommendations.